2020 Moments in the Mile End and Beyond

The world looked very different this year. We all saw fewer faces and learned that we can identify people by their eyes. And like many others, I learned to look at the world around me in a different way this year. I learned to focus on what’s important. To see the true beauty of the people, places, and things around me. To capture moments that document just how truly grateful I am to be where I am—and have been—and to give others the opportunity to live those moments with me and to get to know the amazing people that I am so privileged to have in my life. Whether close to home, at home, or farther afield, they’re all very special.

It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be able to capture these moments. These are my favourite from the last year. So, like a SportsCenter Plays of the Year, here are my best-loved representations of how the world looked to me in 2020.

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1 thought on “2020 Moments in the Mile End and Beyond

  1. L O says:

    What a fantastic compilation! I don’t recall seeing the self portrait or the Fur coat picture. Love! Please don’t ever take me off your mailing list for photos. 🙂



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