Mile End and Weird Exposures | Ilford Pan F 50 | Canon A-1 | 55m f1.8

This is the roll of film that made me fall in love with Ilford Pan F 50. A hazy day with just a little bit of light, and I’ve got some of the best pics I’ve ever taken. A little bit of sun in a cafe, spotlights on a beautiful wife, sunshine on a great friend all add up to some great shots.

But then a little weirdness. I think what happened to the ones that look double exposed is that they got wound up in the reel in such a way as to have a few of the photos stuck together. Hence the weird double exposures. It’s a drag because those shots look like they would have been great on their own, but we’ll go with the Bob Ross philosophy and call them a happy accident. I will be purchasing more Pan F just as soon as I’m able.

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