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Le Poisson Rouge Montreal

I didn’t want to have to write a negative review of anything, but the experience that I had at Le Poisson Rouge, Montreal Restaurant on Rachel across from Parc La Fontaine was just so horrible that I cannot, in good conscience keep my proverbial mouth shut.

Once a month I’m able to take my girlfriend out for dinner at a Montreal fine dining restaurant, and I want for that experience to be a special one. Unfortunately, on this evening, it was not. Well, I suppose it was special in its way.

I made a reservation to Le Poisson Rouge a week before our engagement this evening. When we showed up, they offered us a table directly next to the door. Not a great start, but they did relent and allow us a table that was actually *in* the restaurant.

They promptly opened the bottle of wine that we had brought, a gorgeous little Pinot Noir courtesy of Kim Crawford, which, I must say, was excellent. We chose the table d’hote menu and we both ordered French onion soup, to be followed by mixed greens. The soup was good, based solely on the Gruyere cheese. The broth was grey and tasteless, except for the intense amounts of salt. Not a great soup.

The salad was presented in a very 90s presentation, but the dressing was pleasant enough. Very subtle balsamic vinegar dressing, but a little bit too much, I felt. And with the large portions of sugar in the dressing, it gave the salad a very sharp flavour. Still, not horrible; just not great.

My girlfriend ordered the mussels and fries, I ordered the veal, accompanied by spinach in a cream sauce. The mussels were okay, but not spectacular. They were, at least, cooked. The fries were sub par, served with what could only be a creme fraiche on the side. Not great.

The veal was not veal. The veal was a pork chop that was overcooked, dry, and horrendous. The cream that the spinach was served in swam around on the plate. In sharp contrast to the overcooked pork chop passed off as veal, the cream was just slightly warm, and kind of an insult to any developed palette, or, for that matter, any underdeveloped palette. I had four bits of the pork chop, and could not eat any more.

I informed our waiter that the meat was horrible and that the plate was overall incredibly unpleasant, which he said he would relay to the chef/proprietairre. I will say again, the plate I ate was an insult to my senses, and I shall never, ever, go back to this restaurant. It’s as though someone graduated from a cooking course and decided to become a chef. It was awful.

I do not recommend the Le Poisson Rouge Montreal restaurant. In fact, I would say, if you walk by it, just keep on walking. It is not worth the time, or the money that they charge you, even when you complain about the food and the fact that they are trying to pass off pork as veal. Give this one a pass. Seriously. Horrible.

6 thoughts on “Le Poisson Rouge | Montreal Restaurant That Sucks

  1. Jared says:

    I had a similar experience. I would not recommend this place either. Thanks for posting!

  2. Zia says:

    its funny, i read your review minutes before heading out to le poisson rouge and was hoping you would be totally wrong. well, unfortunately for me and my finace’s wallet, you were not. the appetizers and dessert were ok, the main’s were HORRIBLE. he got the steak, and the blue cheese sauce mixed with the gravy was disgusting. it was a bad piece of meat and overcooked as well. my red snapper was bland and drenched in butter, the vegetables were bitter and unappealing. such a shame. hopefully others will read this and avoid the negative experience.

    1. markjohnhiemstra says:

      So sorry you had a crappy experience there. The funny part is that I have seen rave reviews of this place on some sites, but I’m pretty sure they are not from real people. The chef actually used to reply to poor reviews on Yelp as someone else, until she realized that she was using her own profile. Both despicable and stupid. Anyway, better luck next time. 🙂

  3. Opie says:

    I found your review after having a horrible experience at this restaurant, and looking to see what other people had to say about it. They need Gordon Ramsay to come in and fix this place up. From the service right down to the food, I give it -1 stars. Absolutely horrible. What a complete and utter waste of money. Don’t go!

  4. Ron Caplan says:

    You’re such a little snob. And your language is pretentious bullshit. If you don’t like the restaurant, fine but to include a nice little Kim Crawford – barf.

    1. Mark John Hiemstra says:

      Hi Ron, thanks so much for your comment. Very well said! I guess this is conveniently located for you, and a regular spot?
      I do enjoy Kim Crawford wines, and hope you do, too. It’s ever so good.
      And not to be pedantic, but I did say that it was a “gorgeous little Pinot Noir courtesy of Kim Crawford.” Just for the sake of accuracy. Thanks again for your comment, Ron. Keep up the good work!


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