Found more pics from Havana | Minolta Hi-matic AF2 | Kodak Gold 200

Developed a couple of rolls this evening and found that I had a few pictures from Havana left that hadn’t been developed. The roll was still in the camera and didn’t go to the lab with the rest, so it was a nice surprise to see these.

They are in no way noteworthy. There’s nothing special about them other than some great memories. The first few are from the Universidad de La Habana (amazing morning, walked too much, had a spectacular ham and pineapple pizza), and there’s one of Wife and our favourite waitress at El Dandy in Old Havana.

There’s even one of a lovely couple of gals we met from the Netherlands and the old guy next to Hemingway is either me or the most entertaining British ex-filmmaker I’ve ever had the privilege of spending an afternoon belly to the bar with.

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