Canon A1 | Ilford PanF+ 50

First roll with Ilford PanF+ 50. Added the last three images as examples of how badly this film needs light. A LOT of light. Developed with HC-110 dilution B in a Paterson tank at 4min30s. The prescribed time is 4 minutes, but I thought I’d see what a little more time would do. Seems to have turned out well with some really great contrasts. All images are unedited.

I think I didn’t use enough wetting agent at the end as I ended up with quite a few water spots on the film.



2 thoughts on “Canon A1 | Ilford PanF+ 50

  1. L O says:

    Seems to be as much of an art form to taking the pics as developIng them. Thanks for sharing!


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