A Hard Lesson in Patience | Park Life

Yesterday I spent the day in Parc Laurier. Hung out with a friend, got some nice shots of him. I got what I assumed were going to be great shots of some fellas playing petanque. Got a little of that park life.

And then I fucked up when I developed the film.

Putting 120 film on a developing reel inside of a darkroom bag while you can’t see what’s happening is easily the thing that tries my patience the most in my life. Getting it started can take anywhere from 7 seconds to 45 minutes. I can do it outside of the bag in seconds. When it’s inside the bag and I can’t see what’s happening, it’s a whole other story.

I did manage to get it start quite easily this morning, but it did not feel quite right. I thought, ah screw it, it’s good and just got it all wound up and in the tank.

And that was a mistake.

Only two pictures came out of that roll. The rest must have been crammed together somehow, and there was only a top part of an image for each of them. What I’m left with are these two unremarkable pictures that tell the story of how great the others would have looked. I used HC-110 dillution B for six minutes, agitating the TriX 400 roll only once a minute. I see the possibilities here, so I’ll wait for another cloudy day and hope I can capture some equally interesting moments.

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